Wrong pan, still fun

March 26, 2011


These are photos from last weekend, when apparently I had a limitless supply of energy.

Megan over at NotMartha made a crazy adorable leprechaun trap cake with a surprise rainbow inside (you really should see hers), and seeing that I am The Leprechaun, I thought I might want to practice making one so I’m ready for next year. I used a little castle-style bundt pan that I’ve owned for forever and used perhaps four times.

I would recommend following her directions if you want to try it yourself. Either that or hire an elf to bake it. I hear that they really hate leprechauns and would make this cake for free.

Warning: Dividing the batter involves some math. Or, some good estimating.

Oh, the chemically goodness.

Bake and wonder that it didn’t go over the sides of that little pan and cause a fire.

I liked that it had a spiky design on the top.

Cut cut cut. Eat eat eat.

Hmmmm.  Not quite right.

Well, it wasn’t a perfect rainbow, more like a paisley swirl, but it was still fun to make. I used liquid food coloring and could have gone a little darker with the red and orange, though they look better in real life than in a washed-out flash photo.

This also marks the very first time ever that this cake pan has released a cake without tearing. The secret? Spray half a can of cooking spray inside it. That’s a whole half can – no less.

Good thing I have a whole year to practice, huh?

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4 Responses to “Wrong pan, still fun”

  1. Brad Said on:

    What did you do with the part you cut off the bottom? I didn’t see in your instructions or in Not Martha’s. My suggested instruction: After cutting off the bottom of the cake to make a more level surface, eat the entire trimming immediately. Trimmings don’t count as a serving, so when you’re done, you can still have a piece of cake.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    That is way cool! Although I have to admit….I’m afraid of lephrachauns … and gnomes.

    Didn’t you make another rainbow-ish cake once? I think you had kids helping you. I made that cake & it actually turned out! And everyone loved it. How can I find that post?


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