Mulch to do about nothing

July 21, 2010


Warning: Lauren says that this post will not be exciting.

There were a couple of bare spots in the… in the… in the area of the back yard that doesn’t have a name yet. You know, the spot with the mulch and the rocks and the fire. Well, Brad started filling it in before he left, but I think he wants me to take more of an interest in the part of our house that is outside the house. So he left some obvious things that (a) I would be able to recognize as needing to be done and (b) would be able to do.

There were 8 bags. Brad recommended 10, but I wanted some licorice.

So I picked up some Pine Bark Nuggets (which I can’t say without thinking of the song No Name City from Paint Your Wagon). And proceeded to pretty much just dump it anywhere then kick it around a little bit. Mission accomplished.

Simply lovely

Well, almost accomplished. We still need to figure out what to call that part of the outside of the house.

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19 Responses to “Mulch to do about nothing”

  1. Brad Said on:

    How could a post about gardening not be exciting?

    I didn’t leave the mulch for you to finish on purpose. I would have selfishly had that fun myself, except I thought I needed to save my money for fruit trees. But you don’t have the sun exposure for a good fruit crop. I’ll have to think of something else…


  2. Kristi Said on:

    The contrast in color is nice.

    How about Hosta Alley?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Most of those plants (the ones in the background) that look like hostas from far away are really lamb’s ears. Or so Brad says.


  3. Rae Said on:

    Nicely done! (both the post and gardening) You now appear to have what the HGTV folks call an “outdoor room.”

    I think you should call it the Royuk Room. I can hear it now: “Let’s dine in the Royuk Room.” (aka: roast hotdogs) “Let’s retire after dinner and smoke in the Royuk Room.” (Notice I didn’t clarify what you actually were smoking…could be cigars, could be marshmallows, could be whatever Lauren found handy.)


  4. Mark Said on:

    You’re on the prairie, the wild west. How about “Mulch Gulch”?

    Okay, okay…jeesch. It’s bad. I know it’s bad.

    Hosta Alley is a really good name. Go with that.


  5. Curt Said on:

    “The Serenity Garden”


  6. Lloyd Said on:

    I spent some time upgrading the website today. If you notice anything different, let me know.


    • Rae Said on:

      Is the line under the name in the post new?


      • Lloyd Said on:

        Yes it is, I’m just working on that, and I’d like to know if it is a nice separation or a distraction?.


        • Brad Said on:

          I think it’s nice. Is it possible to get the date and time of the comment above the line? The text of the comments are kind of running into the date.


          • Lloyd Said on:

            It must look different on our browsers. What browser are you using? I’m running Firefox 3.6.6 (For any one who doesn’t know, the help menu generally has an “about…” option that telly you).

            It’s also possible that the newest stylesheet isn’t downloaded automatically. You can make it download by doing ctrl-r.

          • Brad Said on:

            That’s really interesting. I was looking at it on Explorer. The date is below the line. But on Firefox, the date is above the line.

          • Lloyd Said on:

            It looks like Internet Explorer 7 gets this wrong, but version 8 gets it right. While I recommend FireFox or Chrome, here’s the link for Internet Explorer 8

  7. Lloyd Said on:

    The website seems to be loading faster too. Or maybe it’s just that I’m really slowing down?


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