It’s legal in many states.

July 25, 2009

Journal, Worst day ever

Today Brad leaves us, so this is The Saddest Day of the Summer. Moment of silence, please.

The subject of ‘first cousins once removed’ seemed to have come up a while ago. I have taken it upon myself to make a diagram for clarification. (Brad has fact-checked this, and pronounces it correct.)

Oooo!  Flannelgraph!

Is it clear enough to see the letters, ? If so, then you can see that E would be C’s son/daughter and also B’s niece/nephew. D and E are first cousins, and G is D’s first cousin once removed. It’s not on the diagram, but we would say that – sit up straight, Curt – H is E’s first cousin twice removed.

Lloyd and his parents found this diagram useful when talking about their gigantic family.

They were diagramming how Brittney and Faith were related.

It's a photo of a picture. Those never turn out well.

Ok, class, here’s how this is going to go. You can comment as you like, but please end your comment with a quiz question for the next commenter. I’ll start. How are H and G related?

(Oh, the title refers to marrying your first cousin.)

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16 Responses to “It’s legal in many states.”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    What? My head hurts. Is this a five-generation illustration? What is B to G? Oh, I can also see how everyone is related. Their noses are so similar.


  2. Lloyd's Mom Said on:

    H and G are 2nd cousins once removed. How are D and I related? We are having a good time looking at video’s and eating and visiting. We will miss you Brad.


  3. Brad Said on:

    I’m always amazed looking at the Sommerer family pictures. I’ve only barely had any contacts with second cousins, much less second cousins once removed.

    How are B and E related?


    • Michele Said on:

      Apparently you only looked at the pictures and didn’t read carefully! (Dang -- that’s what I usually do!) ANYWAY, Lauren clearly pointed out below the diagram that E would be B’s niece or nephew.

      (Oops, were you asking a question or quizzing other readers? Now I’m confused.)


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Yay for explaining this!! I started to research it myself way back when we were discussing it…but got distracted before I made sense of it. ADD But I am determined to get it.

    Now, I don’t think D & I are related…I don’t even know a D!

    But really…are D & I 1st cousins twice removed. Or it that just I’s relationship to D. Would D’s relationship to I be different, and if so what would that be?

    I don’t think Kristi answered so my answer is H & G are 2nd cousins once removed.

    How are A & I related?

    (You are going to grade these, right Lauren?)


  5. Cousin Sam Said on:

    That is one happyass family in the diagram. Draw one that most represents how the Sommerers would appear in disposition (before the 6th beer).


  6. Curt Said on:

    How did you know I was slouching?


  7. Peggy Said on:

    What’s that furry burgundy thing on your table & who is it related to?


    • Lauren Said on:

      It’s one of those shaggy scarves. We had to smooth out the giant picture of Lloyd’s giant family when we were mounting it in the frame, and this was the softest thing around.


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