Expected Guests

November 12, 2009


Two-thirds of the Leckbands came to visit us this evening. Kristi (of the comments) and Joanna came down south to watch their local team play some sport called ‘volleyball’ – but I think they made that part up.

Joanna brought her 1/10 sized violin, and she shocked the socks off of us with her skilz! She is studying via the Suzuki method, which I always thought was a strictly ‘by-ear’ method, but they actually learn to read music, too. She is so advanced, she follows all the dots and carats and doo-hickeys over and under and through the notes, marks which I have long forgotten their meaning.

The funniest thing she said when her mom asked her to play a song from memory, she answered, “But I don’t have the dymanics memorized!” (She did.)

I think she uses the Kawasaki Method.

We did a little duet together. Well, we played together until Joanna left the classic 3-chord-rock-music formula and I was left in the dust. Care to listen?

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10 Responses to “Expected Guests”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Awesome! Way to go, Joanna! (You did okay too, Lauren.)


  2. Beth Said on:


    And when she needs a quarter size, let me know. I have one in my basement she can borrow…it’s just collecting dust down there anyway. 😀


  3. Kristi Said on:

    Good morning! Beth — Joanna has been using a 1/8 size, and today we were going to get the 1/4. If you’re serious about using the 1/4, we’ll take you up on it.

    I’ll send you a message at your blog site.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Way to go Joanna!! I am truly impressed! I really want to learn a few songs on the piano…just a few…would the suzuki method be helpful on that?

    (PS-Kristi, don’t you feel well…you’re looking so green)


    • Kristi Said on:

      I was a bit green, using a foreign computer and all (at L&L’s home). I figured out how to restore myself, so here I am… hopefully.


  5. Kristi Said on:

    Oh, pooh, I still don’t have it figured out.

    Anyhow, Joanna could be left here for days upon end and be amused. She loves how they “use old things and make them work as something different.” It’s a wonderland of recycling around here. Around every corner is something unique and different.

    Thanks for your splendid hospitality, Sommerers!


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